1. FDY 20D/12F/ 24F(SD,FD), 30D/24F(SD,FD), 30D/36F/48F(SD,FD), 40D/12F/24F SD, 50D/24F SD, 30D/12F CD Bright, 30D/12F Dope dyed Black
50D/36F SD, 50D/48F/72F/96F(SD,FD) , 50D/144F SD, 68D/24F SD, 75D/36F(SD,FD), 75D/72F(SD,FD), 75D/144F SD, 85D/36F SD, 100D/36D SD, 100D/48F SD, 100D/192F SD, 150D/48F/96F SD, 150D/144F SD, 150D/96F SD, 150D/288F SD, 200D/96F/384F SD, 300D/96F SD, 300D/576F SD
20D/12F TBR, 30D/18F/24F TBR, 40D/12F/24F TBR, 48D/24F TBR, 50D/36F TBR, 50D/72F TBR, 65D/192F TBR, 75D/36F TBR, 75D/144F TBR, 100D/48F TBR, 108D/36F TBR, 150D/48F TBR 150D/144F TBR, 150D/288F TBR, 300D/96F TBR
-> Asian FTA -- tariff 5% from 2016, tariff 3% from 2017, Finally non-tariff from 2018
2. POY 85D/72F SD (ITY type), 85D/72F(SD,FD)
120D/36F (SD,FD), 120D/72F (SD,FD), 120D/144F SD, 160D/36F SD, 160D/48F SD
250D/48F SD, 450D/96F SD
85D/72F TBR,120D/36F TBR, 250D/48F TBR
120D/36F SD CD 100%, 250D/48F SD CD 100%, 450D/96F SD CD 100%
-> Asian TFA -- Tariff free(0%) from 2009
3. DTY
(1H & 2H)
20D/24F(SD,FD), 30D/24F(SD,FD), 30D/36F(SD,FD) 30D/72F SD
50D/72F(SD,FD), 50D/144F(SD,FD),75D/36F(SD,FD),75D/48F(SD),75D/72F(SD,FD)
100D/36F SD, 100D/48F SD,100D/192F SD, 150D/144F(SD,FD),150D/48F(SD,FD), 150D/96F(SD,FD), 300D/96F SD, 600D/192F SD , 600D/1152F SD, 900D/1152F SD
75D/36F,48F Dope dyed black, 150D/48F Dope dyed black, 300D/96F Dope dyed
50D/72F CD 100%, 75D/36F,72F CD 100%, , 150D/48F CD 100%, 300D/96F CD 100%
30D/24F(TBR), 50D/36F (Bright,TBR), 75D/36F(Bright,TBR), 150D/48F(Bright,TBR)
-> Anti-dumping additional Tariff are applying to Taiwan & China, Malaysia orgin
-> Asian FTA -- tariff 5% from 2016, tariff 3% from 2017, Finally non-tariff from 2018
4. ITY 135D/108F , 190D/108F , HFY 135D/72F/108F, ABA 135D/72F/108F ( BI-SHIRINKAGE )

  <2> NYLON 6
1. FDY 20D/12F(SD,FD), 20D/24F(SD,FD), 30D/34F SD, 40D/24F/36F (SD,FD,BR, + section)
30D/1F Mono TBR 50D/24F/36F/68F (SD,FD), 70D/24F/48F/68F/72F/96F (SD,FD, + section), 100D/24F/34F (SD,FD,BR), 200D/24F/36F/48F/72F (SD,FD,BR)
400D/72F SD, 400D/96F FD, 420D/72F SD
70D/24F & 200D/34F/48F/68F/72F Dope dyed black and olive green ( 2ply available)
2. POY 40D/11F SD, 50D/11F/24F/48F SD, 70D/24F BR, 85D/24F/34F/48F/68F/96F (SD,FD,BR)
120D/24F/34F/36F/48F SD, 170D/36F/48F/96F SD
3. DTY
40D/11F SD, 50D/11F/24F/48F SD,
70D/24F/34F/48F/68F/72F/96F(SD,FD,BR) -> 2 ply & 3ply,4ply avaialble
120D/24F/34F/36F/48F SD, 170D/36F/48F/96F SD
4. ATY 50D/34F/48F SD, 70D SD,FD, 90D SD,FD, 120D SD,FD
160D/72F/96F/136F (SD,FD), 250D/144F/204F(SD,FD)
320D/144F (SD,FD), 320D/192F (SD,FD), 320D/272F SD, 320D/288F SD, 500D/288F (SD,FD), 500D/476F SD
CORDURA Like 500D/144F Br, 1000D/288F Br , strength 5g/De
Dope Dyed -> 8 kinds of colors available( FDY, DTY, ATY type) ** buyer's colors are available by order based

  <3> NYLON 66
1. FDY 30D/12F/24F (SD, FD) 40D/10F (SD,FD) , 40D/12F SD, 40D/24F/34F (SD,FD), 70D/17F Br(trilobal),70D/24F/34F/48F/68F (SD,FD,Br), 80D/96F BRT
weight of cheese 8kg
2. POY 48D/12F (SD,FD), 85D/24F/48F/68F (SD,FD), 120D/34F (SD,FD)
3. DTY
(1H & 2H)
30D/24F(SD,FD), 40D/12F/34F(SD,FD), 70D/24F/48F/68F (SD,FD), 100D/34F (SD,FD)
4. ATY 160D/72F/96F/136F (SD,FD), 250D/144F/204F(SD,FD)
320D/144F (SD,FD), 320D/192F (SD,FD), 320D/272F SD, 320D/288F SD,
-> Asian TFA -- Tariff free(0%) from 2009

<4> Special & Function yarn
1) Sea Island type -- 75D/36F SDY, 80D,110D,165D,230D SD DTY & Dope dyed DTY
2) Split type --- P/P Split 50D ~ 230D SDY & DTY,
                           N/P Split 50D ~ 320D SDY & DTY ( N : P = 3 : 7 )
                           50D/36F N/P SDY & DTY , 50D/36F N/CD SDY & DTY ( N : P = 5 : 5 available)
                           75D/36F N/P SDY & 75D/36F N/CD SDY , 80D/36F N/P DTY 80D/36F N/CD DTY
                           100D/36F N/P SDY & N/CD SDY , 120D/36F N/P DTY & N/CD DTY
                           160D/72F N/P SDY(75D/36F N/P 2ply) & N/CD SDY,
                           160D/72F N/P DTY(75D/36F N/P 2ply) & N/CD SDY
3) Shape memory yarn -- 75D/72F FDY SD , 75D/48F & 72F Dope dyed black,
                                              50D/72F FDY SD & Dope dyed black, 75D/72F FDY BRT
4) Stainless wire yarn --- 0.034mm stainless wire yarn
5) Quick Dry. Anti-Bacteria, FR, UV cut ,side by side, High stretch, High shrinkage , Air covering
6) PP(Polypropylene) DTY -- 50D/72F ~ 400D/96F (1,000 colors data keeping)
7) Bamboo Charcoal --- DTY 75D/36F/48F/72F, DTY 150D/48F/96F , FDY type available
8) Taiwan Fancy yarn --- Reverse TTD, CD mixed stretch yarn, 3tone, colorfuldopedyed mix fancy yarn
9) Industrial yarns --- 420D/96F ~ 4000D/488F Bright
10) POLYESTER ATY --- 105D/72F ~ 550D/144F
SDY   50D/72F (SD,FD), 75D/36F(SD,FD), 75D/72F(SD,FD),150D/48F(SD,FD),300D/96F(SD,FD)
DTY 50D/72F (SD,FD), 75D/36F(SD,FD), 75D/72F(SD,FD),150D/48F(SD,FD),
2ply available
POY 85D/72F (SD,FD), 120D/36F(SD,FD), 120D/72F(SD,FD), 250D/48F(SD,FD)
30D/12F, 40D/12F, 50D/24F, 50D/48F,50D/48F/2ply, 50D/72F,
75D/36F, 75D/48F, 75D/48F/2ply, 70D/72F, 70D/72F/2ply
100D/48F, 100D/72F, 150D/48F, 150D/48F/2ply, 150D/72F, 150D/72F/2ply
200D/48F, 200D/72F, 300D/48F, 300D/72F, 300D/96F, 300D/144F
50D/36F & 50D/36F/2ply hollow, 75D/36F & 75D/36F/2ply hollow
FDY & DTY 100D/36F hollow type yarn, 100D/72F(50D/36F/2ply)hollow, 150D/36F hollow
150D/72F hollow, 165D/36F/4ply hollow
75D/48F " + " section quick dry type
TRILOBATE ---75D/24F, 150D/72F,300D/72F
(High tenacity)
150D/36F SDY ,200D/36F SDY, 300D/72F SDY
ATY 60D/48F, 80D/72F, 120D/96F(50D/48F/2ply), 160D/144F(70D/72F/2ply)
170D/72F(150D/72F/1ply), 170D/72F(75D/36F/2ply),220D/72F
230D/216F(70D/72F/3ply), 330D/72F, 320D/288F(70D/72F/4ply)
490D/144F(225D/72F/2ply), 490D/216F(150D/72F/3ply), 660D/144F
1000D/216F, 1400D/288F, 2300D/504F
Fuction AD 1. Fire retardant, Anti-bacteria --- + U$D 1.00/Kg up
2. IR --- + U$D 2.00/Kg up
3. Photo cat, minus ion --- + U$D 2.50/Kg up
4. Deeply Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple color --- + U$D 0.30 ~ 1.00/Kg up

  <5> Others
1. FIBER ( SD, Bright , SDOB, OB & Cut Length on your option )
  * FOR BLENDING - 0.7D, 0.8D, 0.9D, 1.4D
2. Spun type --- Ne 20/1,30/1,40/1,60/1, T/R, R/T, T/C, T/W, 100% Poly spun,100% Rayon spun
      --> Poly spun -- Asian TFA Tariff free(0%) from 2009
      --> T/R & R/T,T/C, Rayon -- Asian TFA Tariff free(0%) from 2009
            30s Rayon MVS, 40s Rayon MVS, 30s Rayon OE, 30s C/R 50:50 MVS Yarn
            40s C/R 50:50 MVS Yarn, 30s T/R 65:35 MVS Yarn, 40s T/R 65:35 MVS Yarn
3. Rayon Filament yarn --- 75D/30F, 120D/30F (Dull , Bright)